"Just as a fisherman can not catch fish unless his line is in the water, a wildlife photographer can not shoot great wildlife images unless he or she is out there with camera in hand and the knowledge of what to do when the 'magnificent moment' occurs." - George H. Harrison
 (Contains 41 photos)
Otters portfolio
 (Contains 11 photos)
Pine Martens portfolio
 (Contains 33 photos)
Red Squirrels portfolio
 (Contains 31 photos)
Grey Squirrels portfolio
 (Contains 16 photos)
Red Foxes portfolio
 (Contains 18 photos)
Water Voles portfolio
 (Contains 130 photos)
Atlantic Grey Seals portfolio
 (Contains 57 photos)
Common Seals portfolio
 (Contains 81 photos)
Red Deer portfolio
 (Contains 7 photos)
Roe Deer portfolio
 (Contains 13 photos)
Fallow Deer portfolio
 (Contains 3 photos)
Other deer portfolio
 (Contains 38 photos)
Whales and dolphins portfolio
 (Contains 32 photos)
Other mammals portfolio