"There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man than the way in which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before." - Robert Lynd
 (Contains 50 photos)
Waxwings portfolio
 (Contains 53 photos)
Buntings portfolio
 (Contains 31 photos)
Finches portfolio
 (Contains 61 photos)
Robins portfolio
 (Contains 34 photos)
Thrushes portfolio
 (Contains 24 photos)
Chats portfolio
 (Contains 31 photos)
Tits portfolio
 (Contains 4 photos)
Reedlings portfolio
 (Contains 12 photos)
Sparrows portfolio
 (Contains 1 photo)
Wrens portfolio
 (Contains 9 photos)
Dunnocks portfolio
 (Contains 5 photos)
Starlings portfolio
 (Contains 7 photos)
Warblers portfolio
 (Contains 15 photos)
Wagtails portfolio
 (Contains 7 photos)
Pipits portfolio
 (Contains 3 photos)
Larks portfolio
 (Contains 11 photos)
Flycatchers portfolio
 (Contains 3 photos)
Hirundines portfolio
 (Contains 1 photo)
Shrikes portfolio
 (Contains 13 photos)
Kingfishers portfolio
 (Contains 84 photos)
Birds of prey portfolio
 (Contains 9 photos)
Owls portfolio
 (Contains 14 photos)
Woodpeckers portfolio
 (Contains 58 photos)
Game birds portfolio
 (Contains 29 photos)
Crows portfolio
 (Contains 14 photos)
Pigeons and doves portfolio
 (Contains 20 photos)
Parakeets portfolio
 (Contains 238 photos)
Ducks portfolio
 (Contains 151 photos)
Swans portfolio
 (Contains 136 photos)
Geese portfolio
 (Contains 200 photos)
Waders portfolio
 (Contains 73 photos)
Herons and egrets portfolio
 (Contains 11 photos)
Divers portfolio
 (Contains 36 photos)
Grebes portfolio
 (Contains 60 photos)
Crakes and rails portfolio
 (Contains 115 photos)
Puffins portfolio
 (Contains 59 photos)
Auks portfolio
 (Contains 30 photos)
Fulmars portfolio
 (Contains 64 photos)
Gannets portfolio
 (Contains 134 photos)
Gulls portfolio
 (Contains 46 photos)
Terns portfolio
 (Contains 22 photos)
Cormorants and Shags portfolio
 (Contains 18 photos)
Skuas and shearwaters portfolio